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-The Garage Page has been updated with some pictures.

Latest News


-Check out my new business website at
-The Garage Page has been updated with some pictures.






I didn't get to make it to the May 3rd EMRA event at Pocono South. I was disappointed that I wasn't able to get my car back together for this event, but hey, can't win them all. I heard the track was excellent and will be looking forward to the next time I can run on that particular one. Check out my buddy's site at for some in-car video from that track.


Ran the Shenandoah course with EMRA today, I don't have a whole lot of track experience but this has to be my favorite track so far. It was a great learning experience for me and I can't wait to go back and try it again. I cracked a front rotor during my final practice session so i wasn't able to run the Time Trial, but I was happy with my unofficial times. I had the same issues with the car that I had at the Hershey Autocross (didn't have much time to address them), but the car ran fine and strong. These new Nitto's are excellent.


The 2-day Hershey Autocross was a blast. I spent most of day on Saturday getting used to my new wheel and tire combo. There is a big difference between 245 Falken's and 275/315 Nitto R-Comps, and it's a good one :-) I got alot more comfortable with them on Sunday. I had a couple new issues arise with the car since I have so much more grip, which I will have to address soon.


Got the new tires to fit without rubbing (sofar!). Check them out.


The "season" starts on April 12th with an autocross at the farm show complex in Harrisburg, can' wait! My 2008 Schedule


Got some new tires on the mustang. A little pounding and cutting and maybe they'll fit :-) See the garage for details.